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Lake Palic and the settlement on the lakeshore are situated 8 km north from Subotica. The beauty and mystery of the landscape have always been captive to the visitors with its unforgettable adventures. The lake, the magnificent parks, lavishly decorated buildings from the 20th century and the peaceful ambient make the settlement an ideal destination for rest and leisure.


Lakes and bathS

Adventures on Water

Small boats, water bike

The Zoo

65 species of animals. 270 species of plants


The oldest club in the country

Fishing on three lakes:

Lake Palic, Lake Omladinsko and Lake Ludas
There are three separate beaches along the lake: the Women’s and the Men's Lido and the sandy beach are awaiting those wanting to swim. The average temperature of the lake water during summer is between 19 and 25 degrees Celsius. Those in favour of warm water can gladly enjoy each moment of their holiday in the thermal pool in the vicinity of the Men’s Lido and in the pools of Hotel Prezident.
Visitors to Palic can cruise on the lake in a 12-seat boat, and there is an opportunity to take a water bike-tour as well. The yachting club on the lakeshore offers sailing boats for renting for the brave and more skilful visitors.
The Palic Zoo, spreading over almost 10 hectares, was established in 1949. The visitors can meet there with 65 species of animals and almost 270 species of plants, whereof some are not only exotic but also rarity.
The oldest tennis club in the country is in Palic. It is “hidden” in the hundred-years old park near the lakeshore. The club offers eight slag courts to rent for sport fans.
Fishing is permitted on the western shore of Lake Palic, on Lake Krvavo (Lako Omladinsko) and Lake Ludas. Fishing permits for children, youth and adults for a whole day or for a seasons are issued by Palic-Ludas PC.
Please, also visit other facilities: hotels, restaurants, caffees...
Palic offers a number of events during the whole year.
Subotica is just 8 kilometres away from Palic. Visit this city!
The hundred-years old park in Palic hides many interesting sites...
Permits are valid for three fishing rods and for all the three lakes.
Pay five, get six!

Lake Omladinsko

lake krvavo

The Palic Zoo is one of the nicest zoos in Europe and it is not only a home to animals, but also to plants, since in the botanical garden of the zoo there are 270 species of trees and bushes. Many of them are autochthonous, region-specific species. On top that, there are many exotic plants, like Cedrus libani, redwood, larches...


All year round there are various international events, events for children, festivals, concerts, sailor competitions...


Get familiar with Palic and its neighbourhood by bike – free of charge!